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How to Choose a BBW Sex Doll Torso?

When you buy a BBW sex doll torso, there are several points to consider to ensure the doll meets your expectations. Contemplate these ideas before making a purchase.

Size: You'll want to select the appropriate BBW sex doll size for your situation. Full size sex dolls are the same size as an average human, there are also torsos that feature only the body, and small torsos that are more compact. Be sure to consider your space and storage needs when making your decision.

Material: With BBW sex dolls, there are typically two main materials available: TPE and silicone. While both options have similar characteristics, they have concrete distinctions. For instance, silicone is non-porous and easy to clean, while TPE needs extra attention when it comes to sanitation. However, TPE is notably less expensive compared to silicone—so it's important to consider your budget and choose accordingly!

Price: At the end of the day, it comes down to budgeting. You can opt for higher-quality BBW female sex dolls made from superior materials, or select more affordable options that may need more care. Be sure to make purchases that are in line with your financial capabilities.

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How to Use BBW Sex Dolls?

BBW sex dolls are a great tool, but we realize that not everyone is familiar with how to use them! Thus, we've created a review of the vital elements you should be aware of when employing your BBW sex doll. Though some are clear, others may not be, yet all are instrumental!

Ensure adequate lubrication!

It is essential to use lubrication when engaging in sexual activity with your BBW sex doll for improved sensations and friction-free pleasure. Water-based lube should be applied not only to the doll's anal and vaginal openings but also to your genitals to ensure maximum enjoyment. Taking these steps will have positive results for your experience.

No need to hurry!

Slow and steady often proves to be the prevailing approach, and that wisdom is especially applicable to BBW sex dolls. It's best to not rush into an intimate act, investing both time and energy into it. Investing your hard-earned funds into a sex doll is considerable and should be respected; savor the senses, basking in the feelings and sensations. Deliberately and gradually move into the physical pleasure – it will be entirely worth it and an experience unlike any other!

Cleaning time is essential as well!

Yes, BBW sex dolls are built to deliver the utmost satisfaction, but proper care and maintenance are necessary to prolong their lifespan. Regular cleaning is vital--failing to do so could lead to unpleasant surprises during future use. For more information, please reference the 'How to clean BBW sex dolls' section.